Summer 2022 GCSE maths exam advanced information

Dear families of Y11 students,

On  7 February, Edexcel provided us with a list of topics which are going to be covered in each of the three maths papers this summer for both Higher and Foundation students. I have condensed these into revision lists for pupils to use with their Hegarty Maths subscription. Each topic comes with suggested clips/videos to watch and quizzes to complete after. The scores of these quizzes are then sent to classroom teachers, who are also able to see student answers, allowing them opportunities to address misconceptions in lesson.

There is also a section on this revision list for students to RAG rate themselves and how confident they are with each of these topics. This should be completed after they have watched the clips and completed the associated videos.

Having a list of topics and how well they have been able to complete the associated questions will allow students to ask their teachers during lessons and afterschool intervention for targeted support with their learning.

I wanted to highlight where on the maths webpage you can find these revision lists. They can be found under the heading of Summer 2022 advanced exam information under the Y11 section of KS4.

If you have any questions or queries at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Emine Kani
Head of Faculty Maths