Year 10 

Y10 is an incredibly important year. It marks the beginning of KS4 and the start of your GCSEs. You showed amazing resilience towards the end of year 9 when you sat your exams which were a success. It is vital when you return in September you have a conscientious and mature approach to your learning.

Y10 will be an exciting and positive year. I am personally very much looking forward to seeing you all and to discuss what you hope to achieve over the next year. We believe in every student, in every tutor group and know that you all have the ability to succeed. This means we have high expectations of you all and expect you to work to the best of your ability, be kind to each other and have the best attendance possible. To make excellent progress this year and achieve the GCSEs you deserve in Y11 you need to be fully committed to learning inside and outside of the classroom and the Y10 team is here to help you do that. I would like to remind families the library is available every day closing at 5.30.

All students continue to have access to Show my homework as well as Office 365 which is beneficial for extended and independent learning.

As always, the first point of contact for students and parents continues to be students’ form tutors but please do contact any of the Year Team if any further help is needed.

With best wishes


Syed Ali
Y10 Team Leader

Director of Learning KS4

Dixie McLean 

Year Team Leader

Syed Ali  |

Student Progress Leader

Christina Louka


Luke Browne

Sundus Jibril

Billy Pinches

Tara Vakil

Bethan Williams 

Jordan Williams

Pedro Xavier

Amy Luck  | 

Anna McKeon | 

 Key dates

  • 8 Nov 2021


    12 Nov 2021

    Y10 Maths exam (1 Calc,1 Non Calc Y7-10 topics
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  • 21 Feb 2022


    4 Mar 2022

    Y10 Mid-year assessments
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  • 4 Jul 2022


    11 Jul 2022

    Y10 End of year assessments
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