Y10 End of Year exams

Y10 students now have 4 weeks to prepare for their end of year exams. Please see the timetable so that students know when each exam is taking place.

To support your child please spend some time creating a schedule so that they have time to work on each subject each week. Ideally they should decide beforehand which topic they will study in the allocated time. For example if a student has decided to complete maths revision on Thursdays between 5pm and 6pm they should choose, in advance, 3 topics per week they need to improve on.

We want the students to gradually build up their study habits so that their knowledge is being embedded into their long term memories but also their independence is increasing and they are capable of more outside of their lessons. Now is an excellent time to grow these skills and establish routines around study.

Please do remember that the End of Year Exam information is also on the Y10 page of the school website and there is plenty of guidance of the types of activities students should be completing in order to prepare.

Dixie McLean
Director of Learning for Key Stage 4
Extension 3037