The British Library Trip

We've been fortunate to engage with The British Library and their Learning Department by attending the Malorie Blackman exhibition on 11 January 2024, which then led to a further invite to attend a live in-person Q and A event with her at The British Library on 19 February 2024.

There’s so much that I and my colleagues could say (as we were more excited than our students!). However, I thought best to let a few of our students describe their experience on this trip.

Here's a few of the questions that we submitted and we had a few chosen:

1.          What inspired you to write Noughts and Crosses?

2.           At what age did you start writing?

3.           Do you think your books are inspirational for young writers, how and why?

4.           Have you emotionally connected with any of your characters, and if so who?

5.           Did anyone inspire you to start writing?

6.           How do you overcome rejections when you were writing your books?

7.           Did you experience racism yourself so that sparked an idea to write your books?


We went to The British Library and we met Malorie Blackman. She told us all of her story like how she became an author. And, what it was like to have people telling her not to aim for her dreams, because she's black. However, even with these mean and rude things said to her as she was growing up, she never forgot what she loves: writing books for children and young adults. Until that letter came that made her scream and jump, she had been rejected 82 times! I had lots of fun at The British Library.

Isha C in Y7

I really liked going on the trip to see the author, Malorie Blackman. It was very inspiring to learn about her writing journey, and where she got all of her ideas from. I think trips like this are a great way to get children into writing and reading. She is a very inspirational author, and I loved seeing her at The British Library.

Lily C in Y8

I think it was nice to go to this event, and I became very excited in my chair as my question was asked. Trying to write a book and being rejected so many times from a publisher must have been hard, but she is resilient and kept on reaching for her dreams. We saw her again a few times as we were leaving the library, on our way back to school. Some of us shouted: 'thank youuuuu Malorie!!', as we were all still excited!

Daryl K in Y7

I really loved this trip because Malorie Blackman is a wonderful author and very inspirational. The Q and A was very exciting, especially when my question was answered and I hope that we can meet her again. This was a great opportunity for our school.

Kevin R in Y7

Sabrina Elliott
Librarian and Curriculum Support Manager