Ski trip 2024

We're happy to share the exciting highlights of our recent ski trip to Montafon, Austria! A group of 41 students and 5 staff embarked on this adventure to the Alps.

Our students demonstrated remarkable resilience, teamwork, and courage as they honed their skiing abilities on the picturesque slopes of Montafon. Each day was filled with challenges, laughter, and triumphs as they pushed themselves to new heights.

We want to commend our students for their dedication to improving their skills and for embodying the spirit of teamwork throughout the trip. Their positive attitude and determination were truly commendable, making the entire experience memorable for everyone involved.

A big thank you to the teachers, instructors, and all those who contributed to the success of this ski trip. We look forward to more enriching experiences that foster personal growth and camaraderie among our students.

Information about the Acland Burghley Ski Trip 2025 will be shared with families after the Easter holidays.



Ski trip 2024

Ski Team 2024