New Y11 end of year exams

Please remember that the key information (timetables, topics, revision) is all on the New Y11 page of the school website. Now that the exams are upon us please remember these final strategies you can use to help the exam period run smoothly for your child.

  • Ensure they have the correct equipment the night before an exam
  • Ensure that devices are off and lights are out so that students get a good night’s sleep
  • Students have been told to wear layers they can easily put on or remove so they feel comfortable in the exam hall
  • Remind them to eat breakfast on the morning of an exam
  • Students should bring a bottle of water to school every day
  • Leave additional time to get to school so that they are not rushing to arrive on time
  • Help students organise their notes at the end of a day so that they have the correct resources to hand for upcoming exams

We are looking forward to seeing the New Y11s show off all of their learning so far this year; you will receive feedback from these exams when we return in September.

Dixie McLean
Director of Learning – KS4
Extension number: 3037