New Parent Governor

We would like to congratulate Saul Hillman on his new appointment as Parent Governor! Please see below for for his full statement.


I've been a parent at Acland Burghley since 2017 with my oldest child going on to study at LaSWAP and a child currently in Year 10. As a Governor, I have a lot to offer based on both my personal and professional background. I am a psychologist, working as a researcher, teacher and therapist, based mainly at the Anna Freud Centre and University College London, where much of my work focuses on children and young people's wellbeing. I am determined to make the school more inclusive for all pupils. I am fully aware that increasing numbers of pupils have diagnosed or undiagnosed neuro-divergent conditions which impact their ability to manage school. My oldest child struggled throughout their school years due to neurodivergence which impacted upon their mental health. I want to be there to challenge Acland Burghley to make greater strides forward and support those pupils.

In addition, I also want to help push the school to raise standards and expectations. Leaving aside the academic markers, I want our school to help prepare our children with life skills that go well beyond exams and assessments. I want the school to further instill those values, whether it's around behaviour outside lesson times, presentation of school work or self-organisation. In the role as a Parent Governor I would seek to work proactively with the Board of Governors to support and challenge the schools' leadership team to take responsibility and help our young people thrive and reach their potential. Above all, I'll be an advocate for all those families whose children fly under the radar, as well as improving wellbeing for all our young people.