Year 9

We are looking forward to welcoming new Year 9 back to Acland Burghley. This is a pivotal year for the students as they select their options subjects for GCSE courses to be taken in Year 10. Throughout the year we will be giving them the opportunity to understand more about what to expect in the GCSE courses for each subject, and allocating some time for them to learn about the new subjects that can be taken at GCSE that they do not currently study, such as Business Studies, Psychology and Sociology. 

Exams will fall earlier in the year to help students make an informed decision about their options, and to give an indication of which subjects may or may not be suitable for individuals.  For instance, whilst a student may decide to not pursue a given subject at GCSE, their attainment in that subject may be an important indicator as to whether new subjects are appropriate or not. 

Alongside this, now that the students find themselves further into their school journey, our expectations naturally increase, and this will be evident in the standards that we expect in terms of their attitude to learning both at school and at home. There will be two year-groups below who will be looking up to them and so we expect students to continue to set a fantastic example for the younger years coming through the school - furthering the culture of kindness and respect that we have built.  

Tutors will continue to be the first point of contact for day-to-day queries and issues that may arise so please reach out to them if you have any questions or would like to discuss your child’s progress. Tutors are also the first point of contact for students being the staff member that will see them most over the course of the week.  

For wider questions or serious concerns about progress and behaviour, please continue to contact myself - via email: 

I am thrilled to be continuing this journey with the students and I look forward to helping them through the next stage in their school journey. I hope they share this excitement for the future, they should all be tremendously proud of how far they have come over the past two years!


Will Allen
Y9 Year Team Leader 

Director of Learning KS3

Annie Parkin 

Year Team Leader

Will Allen 

Student Progress Leader

Eshu Christianson


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Rosie Kosky  |   

Benjamin Masalovich  | 

Lambros Pastou  |    

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