Year 8

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We hope the students have had a restful and enjoyable summer and have returned to school prepared and focused for the year ahead.

As a Year Team, we understand that the transition from primary and through Y7 has been incredibly challenging for both students and families, given the circumstances. This year we aim to build upon the resilience shown by the students during that challenging period and instil a sense of community within the Year Group.

Last year we had excellent attendance as a year group, despite changing circumstances, and we want to maintain this with a real drive on attendance throughout this first term. As such, we will be continuing our weekly praise and attendance awards and the tutor group with the highest attendance and praises each half term will receive a reward.

There are a broad range of extra-curricular activities on offer this year and we expect to see all of the students taking up these opportunities and joining at least one club before the end of the first half term. The new timetable has been published and posters are on display throughout the school and in your tutor rooms.

The Y8s are no longer the youngest in the school and are now important role models for the new students in Y7. We hope to see them demonstrating this by setting a good example both in and out of lessons and being helpful members of the school community. We continue to uphold our high expectations of them as individuals and see them reach their full potential. We want students to continue to develop as independent learners who think for themselves and act responsibly. Therefore, we will continue to encourage students to complete homework to the very best of their ability and take pride in their work.

Our goal as a year team continues to be to develop a group of highly achieving, well rounded, resilient learners with the skills needed to create excellence together.

I am fortunate to be working with a group of passionate, mindful and dedicated tutors who will continue to support your child throughout their school journey. They are the first point of contact if you need information or would like to discuss anything.

I am looking forward to another successful year!


Jessica Kidd
Year Team Leader - Y8

Director of Learning KS3

Annie Parkin 

Year Team Leader

Jessica Kidd|


Valentina Murati 

Helen Crump  |

Conor O'Malley  |

Sean Osinlaru  |

Lisa Oteng  |

Jessica Rozman

Matthew Vickery

Ross Hunter  | 

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  • 6 Oct 2022
    Y8 HPV 1st dose
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  • 27 Apr 2023
    Y8 HPV 2nd dose
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