Year 9 

Y9 Mission Statement  

We have an amazing team of dedicated and knowledgeable Y9 tutors, who understand their tutees and will facilitate success by working in partnership with you to ensure your child reaches their potential. 

The Y9 vision involves a connected, challenged and celebrated cohort of inquisitive students who present their work with pride.  In Y9 our priority is to foster students’ curiosity around a range of subjects and provide an informed understanding of Acland Burghley School’s KS4 options and pathways process.   

Our priority and focus for Y9: 

  • Ownership of learning through development of study skills; 
  • Understanding of progress and goal setting; 
  • Informed options choices for Y10;  
  • Embracing extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities;  
  • Mindfulness and well-being; 

As ever, thinking long term, our mission as a year group is to foster highly achieving, successful, independent learners that develop the transferable skills needed to create excellence together. The expertise of the Y9 team contributes to all of the above and are available for support should you so require it.  Please email or call through to any of the team with any queries. 

A Century Apart 

We are so pleased to share the wonderful film Y9s helped to make about the Spanish Flu, and its parallels with the Covid-19 pandemic.  

We hope you enjoy this imaginative, well presented and thought-provoking piece. All of the students involved showed a good understanding of the similarities between what was happening then, and what is happening now.  

Sincere thanks to The British Library Sounds archive and alumnus Awate for providing this outstanding opportunity.  

Oliver Rosen
Year Team Leader – Y9


Asma Ali  |

Lewis Goodacre

Lucy Nicholas

Katie Smith  |

Alfie Sparkes  |

Sebastian Willan 

Laura Miguel | 

Steve Foster 

Francesca Brown | 

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