Year 7

I am delighted to start this journey with your child at Acland Burghley School and will like to introduce myself as the Year Team Leader for Year 7. My role is to support your child’s journey through the academic years at Acland Burghley School and to ensure they feel safe, supported, and ready to learn.

While transition to secondary might seem overwhelming, we aim to create a strong sense of community and togetherness in the year group by giving all pupils the opportunity to thrive in a collaborative and motivating community.

As a year team we have high expectations of our students as individuals and will encourage them to reach their full potential. We want students to develop as high – achieving, resilient and independent learners who think for themselves and act responsibly. This will be achieved through a continued focus on pupils:

  • Being ready to learn, through excellent attendance and punctuality, correct equipment, and sustained effort and focus in lessons. 
  • Maintaining a calm and purposeful environment, through the way pupils conduct themselves around school and in the classroom. 
  • Creating a culture of kindness and respect, through their interactions with their peers, teachers, and other members of the school community.        

We will encourage pupils to take ownership of their attendance, punctuality and the way they conduct themselves in school; we expect them to model these standards through self-regulation and personal responsibility.

The Year 7 team is supported by a group of dedicated and passionate form tutors who will be the teacher that knows your child best, and naturally will be the first point of contact – for you or your child – should any issues or questions arise or if you would like to discuss your child’s progress.

I hope this year is successful and enjoyable year for your child. I am very excited to welcome your child to the school community and look forward to supporting them achieving their full potential at Acland Burghley School.


Rumana Hoque
Year Team Leader –Y7

Director of Learning KS3

Annie Parkin 

Year Team Leader

Rumana Hoque 

Student Progress Leader

Eshu Christianson


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