Year 13

We want to congratulate all of the students who were successful in attaining the necessary grades to allow them to progress into the second year of their studies and say how we are all looking forward to continue working with them in Y13. We confident that if students continue to rise to the challenges ahead they will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Students must continue to work hard and indeed increase their commitment to their classwork and independent studies in Y13. As you will know from last year, all students have independent study time factored in to their programmes of study and they must use this time productively along with studying independently outside of school to reach their full potential.

It is also crucial that in order to maximise attainment, students have excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour and that they also have high levels of effort and motivation.

I would also like to remind you that being in the sixth form brings greater responsibility and as we are a school with younger students, we expect sixth form students to continue to show a respectful and positive attitude to everyone and are positive role models to our younger students.

We are really looking forward to continue working with you and your son/daughter and hope that we can celebrate their success in August 2022.                                                                                     

Ron Stokes
Year Team Leader Y12 & 13

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 Y13 May Half Term Revision timetable

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The Y13 team

Director of Learning KS5

Anna Rimington

Year Team Leader

Ron Stokes

Elizabeth Collins  

Student Progress & Pathways Leader

Michael Luu |

Laura Stanley |


Jo Mullen  | 

Tess Osbourne | 

Emma Close | 

Katie Wynne | 

Jonny Holt  | 

Rachael Moss  | 


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  • 3 Jul 2023
    Y12 LaSWAP Futures Day
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  • 20 Jul 2023
    Y12 and 13 no lessons
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