Year 13

We want to congratulate all of the students who were successful in attaining the necessary grades to allow them to progress into the second year of their studies and say how we are all looking forward to continue working with them in Y13. We confident that if students continue to rise to the challenges ahead they will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Students must continue to work hard and indeed increase their commitment to their classwork and independent studies in Y13. As you will know from last year, all students have independent study time factored in to their programmes of study and they must use this time productively along with studying independently outside of school to reach their full potential.

It is also crucial that in order to maximise attainment, students have excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour and that they also have high levels of effort and motivation.

I would also like to remind you that being in the sixth form brings greater responsibility and as we are a school with younger students, we expect sixth form students to continue to show a respectful and positive attitude to everyone and are positive role models to our younger students.

We are really looking forward to continue working with you and your son/daughter and hope that we can celebrate their success in August 2022.


Ron Stokes
Year Team Leader Y12 & 13


Student Finance for Parents & Carers Webinar Slides

Student Finance PowerPoint slides 


UCAS and Centre Assessed Grades update - 20 August

UCAS have issued the following information regarding Centre Assessed Grades and university places:

  • UCAS are aiming to share students' Centre Assessed Grades with universities by Friday 21 August.
  • They will only share their CAGs if they are higher than the grades students received on results day.
  • No one's grade will go down, and if a student already has a place at uni this will not change, it is still theirs if they want it.
  • Offers will NOT automatically change in UCAS Track.
  • When revised grades are issued, students will NOT be automatically confirmed at their original firm choice.
  • If they have accepted an offer elsewhere but wish to be considered for their original firm choice, they must get directly in touch with the university to discuss this. The uni will advise them what to do next.

Pearson announced that they are also making revisions to some BTEC final grades, which will be released next week.

OCR are still holding some Cambridge Technical results - at the moment they have said these will be released "as soon as possible".

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need any help will UCAS or university.


Laura Stanley
Student Progress & Pathways Leader  


Grading in 2020 - information for students

Results day information

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Letter 16 JUly

Dear Parents / Carers,
I wish this letter finds you, your families and friends well.

The untimely conclusion to sixth form would have had an impact on students and I am sure many of them would have felt a sense of being let down in not being able to prove themselves following 18 months of work. I do hope that all students have now come to terms with this and are looking forward to their futures whether that be university, an apprenticeship or work. Whatever pathway they choose, they can be very proud of what they have achieved.

Y13 Results day

Results day will take place as originally planned on Thursday 13 August. Due to covid-19 measures, students will collect their results this year from Acland Burghley School.
In order to follow social distancing advice, we will be staggering the times of when students will receive their results with students arriving as per the tutor groups below. Students need to enter and leave the school via the main gate and collect their results from the assembly hall. Appointment times are:
• 8.30-9.15: 13 Businaro & 13 Hamp
• 9.15-10.00: 13 Latorre & 13 Moss
• 10.00-10.45: 13 Mullan & 13 Osborne
If for any reason a student cannot collect their exam results in person, please contact me on the email below and I will send you information (and a form) on how to collect them either via a third party or through email.

Changes to the system this year means that there will be no opportunity for students or their families to request a review of marking or a clerical re-check. Information on the wider appeals process in operation this year will be included in results' envelopes and will be available on the school website. Information on the Autumn series of 're-sit' exams will also be made available in this way. The KS5 team will be available on results' day to advise on all parts of this process.

Higher Education

On results day and the day after, members of staff (Ms Stanley, Ms Rimington and Mr Stokes) will be available in the Sixth Form Common Room to support students who will need to use UCAS clearing, clearing-extra or make an amended application through adjustment. If this applies to any student they need to ensure that they use this service make sure that they attain a suitable university place. Support will also be available from Ms Stanley on Monday 17 August via email.

End of Year celebrations

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the end of year party this year. This would have been a huge disappointment to many students and staff alike who always look forward to saying goodbye to students in a less formal setting. Whilst we do not know what the future holds, we are planning to hold some form of celebration in the future and will contact students with more information if we are able to arrange this.


It has been a real pleasure for me to have been this cohort's head of year; throughout the time they spent with us they have impressed all of us with their maturity and sense of ambition. I wish them all the best for the future and hope they stay in touch. I also want them to know that if we can be of help in any way in the future they should not hesitate to contact us.


Ron Stokes
Head of Y12 and Y13


letter to y13 - Tuesday 7 April

Dear Y13

We hope that this letter finds you and your families well and that you are navigating a way through these challenging times. Normal school ended abruptly on 20 March which was unsettling for everyone but especially for you. As well as preparing for your exams you would have been going through the process of concluding your time in school. We were so sorry to have to say such a sudden goodbye to so many of you and plan to do this more properly in future months with a fitting celebration of your many achievements throughout your time at LaSWAP.

We hope that you are continuing to prepare for your next steps, whether they are at university, in an apprenticeship, in training or in work. There have been a number of developments regarding how you will progress to the next phase of your life and we have outlined our guidance below.


For those of you planning to go to university UCAS are providing updated information all of the time and much of this is to be found here: UCAS have been clear that they will be in touch with students individually to update them about their particular situations so please make sure that you are checking the email account that you used in your application. UCAS are urging you to still be cautious and to take your time about your final decisions and the deadline for you to accept a place has been extended to the 19 May.

If you are intending on going to University in September please do ensure that you are following guidance issued about student finance. Do not forget to apply for this. If you have questions about the process please contact your tutor, head of year or school based HE advisor.


We know that for lots of you this process is just getting started and that a large number of sectors are continuing to recruit using virtual interviews and processes. Please continue to liaise with your school contacts about your application and interview process and heads of year will be contact with more details about upcoming opportunities.

Awarding of grades

We know that it is incredibly disappointing for you to lose the opportunity to sit your exams this summer. It is frustrating not to have the chance to demonstrate how much you have learned and how far you have come; however, please be assured that your teachers do appreciate the progress you have made over the course of your time with us.

On Friday 3 April Ofqual made an announcement around how grades will be awarded this year. There will be more concrete guidance released after the break but whilst we digest the information issued we wanted to share with you some of the guiding principles that the government have outlined.

Exact details for submitting grades will be sent to schools after the Easter break via individual examination boards and they will:
• Ask teachers to use a range of evidence to provide a most likely grade
• Use a method for national standardisation of the grades submitted
• Have the same deadline for submission
• Publish grades to students not later than the usual time

Please note we cannot under any circumstances disclose to students the grades that teachers submit so please do not contact teachers asking them for grades; this could potentially jeopardise the integrity of the process of grade determination.

We will do everything we can, following government guidance, to make sure you are awarded grades that reflect the most likely outcome if had you taken the exams. Teachers will be using the criteria outlined by the government to ensure that this system is implemented equitably.

Two of the key documents issued by the government are found here and the links are also to be found on the LaSWAP website as well as the letter from Ofqual to students:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020

Summer 2020 grades guidance

    Academic Year 2019/2020

    The guidance at the moment is for A levels students and further information will follow as to how Vocational qualifications will be awarded which will share with you once released.


    We know that there will be an appeals process which will provide the opportunity for students who do not feel their calculated grade reflects their performance to ‘sit’ exams at some point early on in the new academic year, however, the details surrounding this have yet to be released.


    Despite the sudden end to the academic year you are still very much members of our school community so please remember that we are still here for you. Your heads of years and tutors continue to send weekly newsletter out and to be in touch with you; please do make sure you respond so that we know that you are ok. If you are finding things difficult or you need support or guidance about the current situation or anything else please do get in touch with your tutor, head of year or director.


    We continue to wish you and your family well during this very difficult time and will be in touch in the summer term.

    Ella Schlesinger
    Director of LaSWAP


    The team for September 2021

    Director of Learning KS5

    Anna Rimington

    Year Team Leader

    Ron Stokes

    Elizabeth Collins  

    Student Progress & Pathways Leader


    Jo Mullen  | 

    James McDonald | 

    Tess Osbourne | 

    Emma Close | 

    Katie Wynne | 

    Jonny Holt  | 

    Rachael Moss  | 


    Acland Burghley is proud to be a part of the LaSWAP sixth form consortium.
    For further information on LaSWAP please visit:

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