Year 12

The Sixth Form Team would like to welcome all Y12 students to Acland Burghley (part of the LaSWAP consortium).

Sixth Form Students are about to embark on a very significant stage in their education. Alongside their studies, they will take on new responsibilities and challenges, form new relationships and embrace their growing maturity in the welcoming environment of our Sixth Form. This year will be hugely important and not always easy. Students will encounter unfamiliar situations; take on roles they may not have considered previously, and tackle work that is more advanced and demanding. The Sixth Form will provide them with many opportunities to develop their skills, self-confidence and provide them with ample chances to take to take responsibilities. In addition, they will be taught many academic skills, one of which is teaching students how to become good independent learners.

Experience tells us that students who achieve their potential and who gain the highest marks are those who take the greatest responsibility for their own progress. This independence of approach is an area that all students should strive to improve, building on strategies that they have started to develop during their early years of education and in their GCSEs. At KS5 there is greater expectation that students develop independent skills and knowledge to underpin those learnt in class.

Our Sixth Form is a community – this means that they are never alone, but are part of a team. As with any team, they will get back what they put in. They will be amongst a friendly and supportive body of students and teachers and, with the right work ethic and commitment, they will learn to adapt to the difficulties and demands of KS5 study. They will enjoy the challenge of working at a high level with the guidance of a committed body of teachers.

Wherever their chosen career path will lead, their time at LaSWAP will be an extremely important step towards achieving their goals. With the right amount of commitment students will lay the building blocks to a successful future.

We hope all students work hard, focus on their studies, go the extra mile and enjoy LaSWAP.

The Sixth Form Team

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Year Team Leader

Ron Stokes

Student Progress & Pathways Leader

Laura Stanley


Anita Walker

Natasha Khan

Lana Bel Robinson

Miran Ahmed

Bhawani Daniel and Johnny Andreas

Andrea Solot

Key dates

  • 18 Mar 2020
    Y13 Drama Performance
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  • 1 Apr 2020
    Y12 BTEC Performance
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  • 4 May 2020


    7 May 2020

    Y12 Work Experience
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  • 15 Jun 2020


    19 Jun 2020

    Y12 BTEC Art Work Experience
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  • 16 Jun 2020
    14:00 to 16:00
    LaSWAP Guidance Interviews
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  • 16 Jun 2020
    18:30 to 21:00
    LaSWAP Summer Concert - St Martin's Church, Gospel Oak
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  • 23 Jun 2020
    Y12 Futures Day (no Y12 lessons)
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  • 24 Jun 2020
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  • 25 Jun 2020
    Y13 Leaver's Prom
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  • 13 Jul 2020


    17 Jul 2020

    Y12 Work Experience
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Acland Burghley is proud to be a part of the LaSWAP sixth form consortium.