Year 10 

We are delighted to welcome Y10 back after what we hope has been a restful summer holiday.

On a personal level, I am once again looking forward to another fantastic year with what can only be described as a truly remarkable year group! As you know, Y10 started their GCSEs in the flying start and we were really pleased with the attitude they showed in the transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4. Our year group ethos is ‘Work Hard and Be Nice to People’. The students in this year group have demonstrated this ethos for 3 years and we fully expect that to carry on as they continue their school careers.

We have the highest expectations for this year group in all areas, but will be focusing closely on attendance. The importance of good attendance and the impact it has on a student’s academic progress cannot be overstated.

There have been some changes to all Y10 students’ curriculum since the Flying start. PHSCEE will now be taught as a discrete lesson once every fortnight and once a week in morning registrations.

The Library has been renovated since last year into a space that is more able to support students with independent learning. We would like to encourage all Y10 students to make the best possible use of this fantastic resource. In order to begin to form the routines and habits that will allow your child to be successful in their GCSEs, we would expect them to make use of the Library on at least one day a week after school.

One of the highlights for many Y10 students this year will be completing a work experience placement in the summer term. More details will be forthcoming, but please do contact the school if you think you might be able to offer a stimulating and interesting work experience placement for one of our students.

As always, the first contact for students and parents continues to be students’ form tutors. Other key staff include Ms Khan (Director of Learning for KS4), Nicola O’Donnell (Head of Additional Educational Needs) and Tom Andrews (Y10 Student Progress Leader).

Sean McHugh
Year Team Leader - Y10

Year Team Leader

Sean McHugh


Helen Crump

Joel Singer

Val Murati

Rob Stainsby

Stella James

Steve Foster

Rosie Kosky

Key dates

  • 28 Feb 2020
    Dance Show, Arts Depot - 7pm
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  • 12 Jun 2020
    11:10 to 15:00
    New Y11 Work Experience Interviews (Period 3-5)
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  • 13 Jul 2020


    17 Jul 2020

    New Y11 Work Experience
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  • 13 Jul 2020


    17 Jul 2020

    Y10 Work Experience
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