Year 10 

Y10 end of year assessment letter

Y10 Assessment Information Evening

I am delighted to welcome back Y10 after such a long time apart. It’s fair to say that when I left for maternity leave I never imagined a year like this. I hope you and your families are safe and well and have managed to get through such a difficult and extraordinary time. 

I imagine many of you will be excited to get back to school, see your friends and regain a sense of normality. Many of you will also be feeling anxious. This is completely natural and it is our job to make the transition back to school and into Y10 as smooth as it can be. There is an excellent team in place to support you - including your tutors, Ms Louka (Student Progress Leader) and Ms Arunagiri (SLT Lead for Y10) and myself as your Year Team Leader.

Y10 is an incredibly important year. It marks the beginning of KS4 and the start of your GCSEs which you have now already begun. For the majority of students this learning has been happening remotely and your teachers have told me how hard many of you have been working. In order to make up for any lost learning, it is vital that when you return to school you do so with a conscientious and mature approach to your learning. Just as society has had to change, school will also be different. To keep us all safe there will be new rules about entering and exiting the school, expectations around regular hand washing, keeping a distance from other students and teachers, having your own equipment and following a one-way system inside the school. These measures have been put in place to protect us all so it is absolutely essential that these are adhered to at all times.

Despite the challenges we continue to face, we are committed to making sure Y10 is an exciting and positive year. I am personally very much looking forward to seeing you all again and finding out how you have been getting on and what you hope to achieve over the next year. We believe in every student, in every tutor group and know that you all have the ability to succeed. This means we have high expectations of you all and expect you to work to the best of your ability, be kind to each other and have the best attendance possible. To make excellent progress this year, and achieve the GCSEs you deserve in Y11 you need to be fully committed to learning inside and outside of the classroom and the Y10 team is here to help you do that.

As always, the first point of contact for students and parents continues to be students’ form tutors but please do contact any of the Year Team if any further help is needed.

With best wishes,

Liz Collins
Year Team Leader – Y10


Liam Davis

Lawrence Deacon

Sundus Mohamoud

Lambros Pastou

Eleanor Peters

Marita Young 

Useful websites for KS4

Below are useful websites for all the Options subjects that are studied at GCSE level to help students start preparing for the start of their new courses.

English Language and Literature

Examination board: AQA


Examination board: Edexcel

Trilogy Science

Examination board: AQA

 Separate Sciences

Examination board: AQA


Examination board: AQA


Examination board: Edexcel

French and/or Spanish

Examination board: AQA (Specification A)

Please see MFL teachers for login details

Art and Design (GCSE)

Examination board: Edexcel

Business Studies

Examination board: AQA 

 Cambridge National Sports Studies

Examination Board: OCR


Examination board: AQA 


Examination Board: OCR

 Design and Technology

Examination board: AQA 

 Film Studies

Examination board: WJEC

 Further Maths

Examination board: AQA 


Examination Board: OCR


Examination board: AQA 

Religious Studies

Examination board: AQA 


Examination board: AQA 

Sports Science 

Examination board: AQA  

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