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Requests for paper copies

We will provide hard copies of information that must be published under The School Information (England) Regulations 2008 (as amended) free of charge upon request by a parent of carer; and anything else may be subject to the published charges in the school’s Freedom of Policy and Publication Scheme.

Public sector equality duty

Acland Burghley School will actively work towards fulfilling its Equality Objectives 2022- 2026, which are:
1. Achievement and Standards:

a. To support all students to achieve well, minimising differential outcomes between groups of students, including in exam results and destinations;

b. To monitor this by reporting on the progress and attainment of different groups, including by disadvantage, ethnicity, gender and disability.

2. Curriculum and Provision:

a. To provide equality of opportunity for all students in the manner in which we make provision, by ensuring that differentiated approaches support the needs of all learners, and that reasonable adjustments are made to ensure that no learner is left at substantial disadvantage;

b. To reflect the breadth and diversity of our school and the wider community by planning a curriculum that is broad and inclusive, and by providing equal opportunities in accessing extra-curricular provision, careers education, information, advice and guidance, and opportunities for developing core creative habits. 

3. Ethos and Values:

a. To achieve equity in our aspirations for students, and in the ways in which we provide education, recognising the exceptional diversity of our student community, and our desire for every child to reach their potential;

b. To eliminate disproportionality between different groups in our application of rewards and sanctions, while recognising the need for a situational and differentiated response to different student needs.

The Equality Objectives underpin the work of the school through clear links to the overarching strategic objectives set out in our School Development Plan. They will be delivered for our students through the implementation of our key policies, including Curriculum Policy, Teaching and Learning Policy, and Behaviour Policy. The school will report on these objectives annually to governors at our September meeting, and place a summary report on the school website.

Please see above for our full Equality, Diversity, Dignity, and Inclusion Policy.

Financial Information

For the key financial compliance information that we are required to publish as a school, please below. 

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