Y9 save the dates and KS3 assessment and reports

Y9 are now in the preparation phase for their transition to Key Stage 4.  There are two important in school events for families coming up to support with this transition. Please do note the following dates in your diary. 

Further information will be sent to parents in the next few weeks.

Y9 Parents’ Evening
Thursday 8 December 

This is an opportunity to speak with individual subject teachers about attainment, attitude to learning, progress and targets. Students will need to make appointments in their diaries in the lead up to the event.

Y9 Pathways Launch 
Thursday 12 January

This is a key information evening to support students making appropriate choices for their studies in Key Stage 4. 


Key Stage 3  assessment and reports

Students have been working solidly in lessons towards their assessments.  Each year group across Y7-9 will receive their first progress report during the following times:


Week beginning 20 February 2023 in preparation for Parents’ Evening on Thursday 2 March.


Week beginning 16 January 2023 in preparation for Parents’ Evening on Thursday 26 January.


Thursday 9 December (at Parents’ Evening)

When you receive your child’s report it is very important that you sit down with them and go through each section and subject. As parents and carers the discussions that you have with your child about their report is very important in encouraging and helping them to make excellent progress. It may also mean that you can support your child's learning at home by making sure they are spending more time working independently and completing personal study. A conversation with your child about where they are performing well and where they need to improve will have a real impact on their future performance.

Students will also work with their form tutors to identify the subjects and areas that they are performing well in and the areas where they need to improve and what they need to do next. The reports will be issued to students in registration time and their tutors will have discussions with them about their individual performance. Some students may meet with their Year Team Leader or Student Progress Leader if it seems that the progress or attainment of some students is particularly concerning.

Parents’ Evenings for Y7 and Y8 are later in the academic year and this will be the formal opportunity for parents and carers to discuss their child's progress with each subject teacher. However if you do have any specific concerns about your child's performance when you receive their report you should contact the subject teacher directly.

Below are explanations of what the progress, attainment and attitude grades mean.

At the top of the report there are 3 key indicators



As a guide students should be aiming for 95% attendance or better. Less than this is not acceptable and students will not make good progress if they are not at school at least 95% of the time.

Concern points

This shows how many times a teacher has had to discuss poor behaviour with a student. This may include them being asked to see a teacher at lunch or after school and it may also include instances where a teacher has just spoken to the student about poor behaviour. The year group average is included so that a comparison can be made.

Praise points

Praise points are given for excellent work, contributions and many other positive acts during lessons and around the school at break and lunch. The year group average is included for comparison.

The main body of the report lists the subjects and has a progress, attainment and attitude grade for each. The table below explains what each grade means.

Please do contact your child’s Year Team Leader if you require any further information or guidance around how we assess students at KS3 and what the reports mean.

Thank you for your continued support


Annie Parkin
Director of Learning – KS3
Extension number: 3049


Target Attainment Band

The target attainment band is calculated from your child’s KS2/CATs data.  To make expected progress or better, s/he should be aiming to at least meet their target band through Y7-Y9.

Attainment Grade

Age-related attainment measured across a scale of 5 attainment bands:

                5. Exceptional

                4. Secure

                3. Competent

                2. Developing

                1. Emerging

Progress Grade


The rate of progress towards their target grade:

                4. Exceeding expected progress

                3. Making expected progress

                2. Progress requires improvement

                1. Progress is a serious concern

Attitudes and Learning behaviour Grade

The criteria for ‘outstanding’ are given below. Teachers will use their professional judgement in deciding how to apply these:

                4. Outstanding

                3. Good

                2. Improvement needed

                1. Poor

Outstanding: Enthusiastic and motivated, engaged in lessons, readily participates in discussion, organised, takes pride in their work, homework completed to deadlines to the best of their ability, responds positively to teacher feedback, supports other students, takes responsibility for their own learning and progress.