Y9 Exams

Monday 17 April to Friday 21 April

Please see below for the amended timetable for the Y9 Exams that will be taking place when we return from the Easter Holidays. Students will be continuing their journey and transition to Key Stage 4 during this week with exams in formal conditions. 

Students have been well prepared for this through assemblies and tutor times. Students have been revising in class in the lead up to the exams and have been given appropriate reassurance and guidance.

Students will only sit exams in the subjects they have selected for options at GCSE.  All students will sit a minimum of 6 exams across the week, English Literature and Language, Maths – Calculator and Non-Calculator, Science, History or Geography.

Some students will sit up to 10 exams, depending on the subjects they have chosen to study next year.

Y9 have previously had an assembly to understand why we choose to have them sit exams in formal conditions so early. Our discussion points are below and, the PowerPoint is included below:

  • Prepare you for Key Stage 4
  • Alleviate nerves associated with examinations
  • Get used to working in timed conditions
  • Understand how to use access arrangements effectively*
  • Begin to think about your study habits
  • Practice, practice and practice

*If your child has access arrangements for assessments/exams, you will have been informed of this and they will be applied during these exams.

There are some revision sessions being run throughout the Easter Break and the timetable for this is also below. Sessions are open to all students who wish to attend, although they are not compulsory. We understand that some students will want to revise at home. The Library will also be available if students wish to complete some independent study.

Students will be required to sign in on the days that they are in attendance for any independent revision, or sessions being run by staff.

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Annie Parkin
Director of Learning – KS3
Extension number: 3049