Y7 Eurovision song contest 2023

Well done to all the Y7 classes who participated in our European Day of Languages Eurovision challenge. All the year 7 students learnt a song in their languages lessons which was recorded.

Then the French students watched the Spanish entries and voted and the Spanish students watched the French entries and voted. The French vote was unanimous for Ms Smith’s class with ‘Quizás me llames’ whilst the Spanish vote was split between Ms James’ class with ‘Le lion est mort ce soir’ and Ms Harper’s class with ‘Le même sang’.

Congratulations go to Ms Harper and her French class whose was originally sung by Yannick Noah. They really impressed our main judge Ms Collins with how well they had learnt the lyrics. They had a great dance routine and beautiful singing voices. Here is an excerpt from the chorus!

Je vis, je crie
Je pleure, j'oublie
Je marche, je danse
Je tombe et j'avance
Et j'ai le même sang que toi

Je perds, je doute
Je parle, j'écoute
Je crois, je change
Je plais ou je dérange
Et j'ai le même sang que toi

Les mêmes questions, les mêmes doutes
Un seul horizon tout au bout de nos routes
Alors laissons aller

They will get a movie(in French) and popcorn as a prize this half term!