Y11 mock exams

Below is the timetable for the March mock exams.

Y11 mock exam timetable

Students will have now completed the majority of their revision and preparation so in these coming days building healthy routines will be very important.

The school library is open this Saturday from 10am until 1pm for those who would like to use it as a place to complete independent study.

The day before an exam you can support your child by ensuring:

  • They have reviewed their notes and answers to practice questions
  • They have had some time outside or physical exercise
  • They turn off their electrical devices in good time in order to get a good night’s sleep

On the morning of an exam I would recommend you check that:

  • They have all their equipment for the exam in their bag
  • They have eaten breakfast; or plan to eat breakfast at school in our canteen
  • They leave home in plenty of time for the exam start

Both Y11 teachers and students have always found the March mock exams an incredibly useful process; not only to practice for the final examinations but also to build up excellent revision skills and to know exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are. You will receive your child’s progress report based on these assessments before the Easter break.

Dixie McLean
Director of Learning - KS4
Extension number: 3037