Y11 LaSWAP conditional offers

Y11 students will receive their LaSWAP Conditional Offers via their tutors early next week. 

Please note that this offer is conditional on the student meeting the entry requirements for both LaSWAP and their chosen courses, and enrolling on or after  25 August.

No student will have their place confirmed without enrolling in person or remotely – please see below if you would like a remote enrolment for your child.

If your child does not meet the entry requirements for their chosen course/s when they receive their grades in August, we will do our best to find them an alternative, suitable course at LaSWAP.  If no such course is available, there will be staff at enrolment to help them to find another course at another institution.

If your child has not received a conditional offer but you would like them to have one, please contact me or Michael Luu by email

Please note that there will not be a suitable LaSWAP pathway for every child – in this case they have been referred to Glen Thomson to find an alternative course elsewhere. You can contact Glen on gthomson@aclandburghley.camden.sch.uk for further details.

If you would like an electronic copy of your child’s conditional offer or you have any questions about LaSWAP, please contact me by email.

Laura Stanley
Pathways and Progress Leader