VE Day assembly and competition

The 75th anniversary of VE Day will take place on Friday 8 May.

To mark this important day in history, we have produced an assembly for you and your families to watch. This assembly will explain what VE Day was, why it was so important, and the ways in which different people were affected by WWII. We hope you find it interesting and informative!

VE Day competition

A reminder to all students and families that we are inviting you to enter our creative competition to celebrate VE Day from your own home!

To enter the competition, you will need to produce a creative piece inspired by VE day. Your entry could take multiple forms including:

  • A drawing
  • A painting
  • A sculpture
  • A poem
  • A short video
  • A speech/podcast about the importance of VE Day
  • Your own piece of bunting (often used to celebrate VE Day)

The winning entries will be put into the Families Bulletin and will receive a prize in the post! 
Please take a photograph of your entries (or attach them to an email) and send them to by Monday 11 May!

Rachael Moss
History Subject Lead