Start of term arrangements and additional staff training day

We'd like to thank students and families for their resilience, patience and understanding following the fire on Tuesday 29 March. There will be an additional staff training day on Tuesday 19 April, as it has not been possible to do the work necessary for the new term with our systems down this week. Y9 will still need to attend for their end of Key Stage exams. Please see below for how the staff training day will affect your child's year group and the Headteacher's latest letter.

Tuesday 19 April

Y7 and Y8: not in school (additional day of holiday) 

Y9: in school in to sit their maths and geography end of Key Stage tests from 9.30am

Y10: not in school (additional day of holiday) 

Y11: learning remotely at home (work will be set by class teachers)

Y12 and Y13: attending lessons at other LaSWAP schools and working remotely on subjects they usually attend at Acland Burghley (work will be set by class teachers)


Wednesday 20 April

All students on site at 8.35am as usual

Headteacher Letter April 2022.pdf

Best wishes

Acland Burghley School