School closure update – 10am Tuesday 29 March

Dear Parents, Carers and Families

Further to previous updates, we have taken the decision to close for the day. There will be online assemblies for all students in Y7-11 in year teams (on MS Teams) at 10.15am. We will give instructions about the day’s remote learning at that point.   

Students will receive work to complete for periods 3-5 (11.15am, 12.15am and 2.05pm) on Show My Homework (SMH) or MS Teams. Where teachers are in a position to do this at short notice, there may also be some ‘live’ lessons, communicated to students through their MS Teams. Reminders about how to access Teams will be posted on SMH.  

An update on the condition of the site: 

An electrician has isolated the faulty part (it was an IT part located in a server room) and certificated the electrics. As a result the Fire Brigade has declared the site safe.

We are now waiting for UKPN to attend site to check the situation and turn our power supply back on.  

We are assessing whether there is any damage to our IT systems, with a view to getting them up and running as soon as possible. We also need to clean the site as there was some smoke.

We will provide a further update later in the day.

Best wishes

Acland Burghley School