Y8 Parents’ Evening update

We are looking forward to welcoming all families to the school on Thursday 3 February for Y8 Parents’ Evening from 4.30pm to 7pm.   

Following recent updates to Government Guidance, appointments with teachers will be face to face in the school setting – unless guidance changes in the next week, in which case this will be reviewed. We are taking measures to ensure that both staff and families feel comfortable on the evening, so teachers will be spread out in classrooms and other communal areas.  Please do wear a face mask if you feel it would be beneficial. 

This evening is the opportunity for parents to speak with Subject teachers about the progress of their child since they have started the academic year. 

Please do support your children to follow the guidance below in preparation for the evening.

What should be happening now?

Students should use the parents evening page in their planner to begin making appointments for the night.

To ensure that you are able to see as many teachers as possible on the night, you should allow approximately 1hr30 to navigate round the school.  In addition, students have been asked to use the time slots below so there is enough time to move around areas of the building:

  • 8SOS, 8VMU, 8COM and 8MVI should make appointments in the 00,10,20,30,40 and 50 time slots
  • 8HCR, 8EOT and 8JRO should make appointments in the 05,15,25,35,45, and 55 time slots.

If your child’s teacher has multiple classes, it might mean students are unable to schedule an appointment for the evening. If this is the case, teachers will make direct contact with you to discuss progress.

Please do check your child’s planner and email tutors should you need any support in getting times for your child.

If a member of staff cannot be available on the evening, we have asked that they contact you on Wednesday 2 February either through Teams or via a phone call. 

Prior to the evening, you will be emailed a copy of your child’s progress review so you can go through and prepare any questions you might have.

What happens on the evening?

On the evening, you should arrive with your child 15 minutes before your first scheduled appointment and go to the school foyer. 

On arrival you will collect a pack. This will have a printed copy of your child’s report and other key documents including a list of areas that teachers can be found on the evening.

Once you have your report, please make your way to your appointments.

I will write to parents by email on Monday 31 January with details of rooms for the evening, and staff who will be completing appointments prior to the night. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Jess Kidd (Y8 Year Team Leader) or me.

Y9 Options form
Deadline 31 January

Following our pathways launch earlier in the month, the submission of the options form is on Monday 31 January. Students should give their forms to me or Mr Rosen for inputting. As specified, once an initial analysis has been completed, we will contact and arrange meetings for any families where we think either the options package selected is not suitable, or where the combination asked for cannot be met. 

All students should submit their forms. If families are undecided, please do note this on the form at the bottom and we will contact you.

A reminder of the key points

  • All students have to select Geography or History as one of their options.
  • Students cannot take the following subjects together:
    • Art and Design Technology
    • Sports Studies and Sports Science
    • Business and Economics

Completing the form

  • Only one subject can be selected from each of the blocks A, B, C and D. All students must complete these boxes
  • If the combination of subjects a student wants to study are not available, they can complete the ‘preferred choice’ boxes at the bottom of the page

For example - dance and sports studies are both in block A and not in any other blocks, so students would write these and the two other selections in the preferred choices.

We are looking forward to seeing the choices that students make.

Annie Parkin
Director of Learning - KS3
Extension number: 3049