Parent Governor Election 

We are delighted to announce that there has been a good response to our call out for Parent Governor nominations with two candidates coming forward for the vacancy. This means we must now hold a ballot. Each family should have received a letter with:

  • a ballot paper with the names of the candidates
  • a copy of the personal statements from the candidates who are Noella Bello Castro and Marie Harvey

Each family can submit one ballot paper, regardless of the number of children you have attending the school. As indicated on the ballot paper you should vote by marking an X alongside the name of the parent you support.

Once you have marked the ballot paper you should put it in the ballot box, which can be found in the school reception by 4 pm on Monday 3 December 2018. If it is not possible for you to vote in person, please either post this form to the school addressed for the attention of Kat Miller or scan and email it to

The election will be decided on Tuesday 4 December 2018 by a simple majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn.

 The candidates

Noella Bello Castro

Making sure that everybody has access to a good education, no matter what background they come from, is extremely important to me and this is why I’d like to be part of the governing board at Burghley. I come from a working class, mixed ethnic background (I’m half Colombian and half Spanish) and was born and raised in Camden. I feel lucky that my parents were aspirational and I want to help children, especially those from similar backgrounds to mine, to understand how important this is. I’m mum to Jack in Y7 and Josh, who is still at primary.

I’ve been a parent governor at Carlton Primary for seven years, six of which I’ve been vice chair of the board. Subsequently, I have a good understanding of the importance of the parent voice. My favourite part of being a governor is going on learning walks and getting to know the children. Although I’ve no experience as a secondary governor, I’m tenacious, hard-working and willing to learn.

My passion for education has permeated through to my professional life. As a press officer at London Councils I worked on campaigns lobbying the government for more money for school places, I was Director of Communications at the prestigious North London Collegiate School and more recently have worked on communications and engagement at Health Education England, which looks after education and training for the NHS. I would also hope to share my expertise in communication and engagement for the benefit of the school.


Marie Harvey 

My eldest daughter joined the school in 2012 as a Y7 student. She now attends LaSWAP and is in her final year of A Levels. My youngest daughter started Y7 in September 2018. The school has gone through many changes in the last six years, multiple changes within the faculty, and the appointment of a new Head Teacher. Despite this, my eldest daughter and her year group achieved very good GCSE results. The Board of Governors has served the school well, however I do feel that it does not reflect the diversity of the pupils in the school. My parents came to England from Barbados in the mid 1950’s – a time of great change for Britain. With Brexit fast approaching, the choices for our children’s education will also change. As someone who did not take the now more expected route of attending university, I’m keen to make sure the school and pupils understand that university is not the only option. I’ve enjoyed a varied and successful working career and recently left my position in the HR department of BT Plc to try something new. Having daughters in both Y13 and Y7 I feel I am in a unique position that will be of use to the school and the pupils should I be elected. With experience in HR, Credit Management, Customer Services and Event Organisation I believe the skills I possess would benefit the school and more importantly the pupils by becoming a parent governor.