Meet our new Parent Governors

We would like to congratulate Sebastian Gardiner and Monét St.Rose-Johnson on their new appointments as Parent Governors. We'd also like to thank Natalie Leroy for standing in the election and every family who took the time to cast their vote. A reminder of the new Governors' statements are below.

Kat Miller
Director of Operations and Returning Officer


Sebastian Gardiner photo


About me:

I’m a single parent with a son at AB (year 8) and another to join in 2 years. I’m passionately committed to the principle that state schools provide the best possible environment for children from all backgrounds to learn and to prosper.

I have a keen interest in education policies (and politics) and am a member of Comprehensive Future. I’m greatly concerned about national exclusion levels, the increase of grammar and academy schools and the 11 plus.

I’ve wanted to be a governor for many years but only now feel I have the time to properly undertake the role.

My skills and relevant experience:

I grew up in Tufnell Park and went to William Ellis then LASWAP, where due to behavioural issues I was initially placed in a support unit. I’m now a successful criminal barrister in a London chambers where I’m on the management committee, in charge of pupillage, training and education.

I often work with children caught up in the Criminal Justice System, providing invaluable insight into their lives and issues.

I organised two charity auctions for my son’s primary school which more than doubled the income for the PTA each year.

My priorities:

1. Being a critical friend to the staff in the implementation of safeguarding policies and ensuring these policies keep up with the changing needs of the school community.

2. Increasing extra curriculum activities for students.

3. Exploring ways in which my involvement in the legal profession and the CJS could assist the school.

Sebastian Gardiner

Monét St.Rose-Johnson photo

About me:

I have been working with children/young people for the past 10 years. My experience working at a residential children’s care home has equipped me with unique skills and experience that I believe will be highly beneficial in the role of a school governor. In my current position, I am responsible for overseeing the well-being and development of vulnerable children. I am therefore confident in advocating for children’s needs and support their holistic growth. I am committed to working towards ensuring the best possible learning environment for children.

My skills and relevant experience:

I have worked with children who have different needs and backgrounds which has influenced their education. Partnership working is very important for us to bring together creative ideas to engage children with their education. Advocating the importance of education is a significant part of my role as the Manager of a children’s residential home, I therefore have a deep understanding of the importance of providing a supportive and nurturing environment for children’s development. Effective communication with both children and their network as well as consistency is important, I am eager to bring these qualities to the role of a school governor.

My priorities:

As a governor, I would like to ensure that students are supported outside of learning through policies and programs implemented as well as supporting professional development for the staff members in the school. I would also ensure that school resources are allocated effectively in line with educational objectives that will benefit both the children and staffing team.

Monét St.Rose-Johnson