Reminder: LaSWAP conditional offers

Congratulations to all Y11 students who have received their Conditional Offers for LaSWAP. This is a summary of the discussion the student had with their interviewer and their chosen/most appropriate pathway at LaSWAP. Not all students will receive a conditional offer – if your child hasn’t and you are concerned, please contact me.
If you would like an electronic copy of your child’s conditional offer, please email me directly and I am very happy to send one over.

Please note that conditional offers are not a guarantee of a place at LaSWAP and the student must meet all of the entry criteria to take up their place. Students must also enrol once they receive their results in August. The offer is not a contract of any kind with LaSWAP and the student is of course free to take up a place at another sixth form/college if they choose to.

Entry criteria for all LaSWAP courses can be found at: 

Please get in touch with any questions about any aspect of LaSWAP.

Laura Stanley
Pathways and Progress Leader