LaSWAP applications now closed

Thank you to all the students who have applied for LaSWAP. Please note that this deadline does not apply to students with EHCPs being supported by Glen Thomson.

If your child has not managed to meet the LaSWAP application deadline, please ask them to contact Shaquille Tavernier at or Syed Ali at or come to the sixth form common room to see them. Please do not contact LaSWAP directly.

Please note that having an interview and completing the application form is not a guarantee of a place at LaSWAP. Students must meet our entry requirements and enrol when they get their results in August.

If a student changes their mind about their chosen course/subject between now and enrolment, this is absolutely fine so long as they meet the entry criteria, they can enrol for any subjects in August, not just the ones on their application form.

If you have any questions about LaSWAP, please email me. You can find out about our entry requirements, curriculum offer and more at

Laura Pearcey (Stanley)
Associate Director of LaSWAP/Pathways and Progress Leader