GCSE Results Day

Congratulations to all students receiving their GCSE results today. We are delighted with the achievements of this cohort of students. 

Teacher assessment was used to generate the grades after exams were cancelled.

Nicholas John, Headteacher, said: “It has been a challenging time to be a GCSE student, and every grade is richly deserved. I would like to extend my congratulations to our student on their remarkable achievements.

 “Staff worked very effectively in teams to supply the Teacher Assessed Grades.”

Now is the time for students to decide on next their steps. Many students are choosing to move onto LaSWAP – perhaps inspired by the huge range of destinations achieved by those receiving their A level and vocational results earlier this week.

Enrolment took place today, and continues at the LaSWAP building on Highgate Road from 10am on Friday.

There were many excellent performances from Acland Burghley student, but these are among the best:

Joe Ryan – nine grade 9s 
Wilf Clapham, Andrew Bodger and Benny Davies – seven grade 9s & two grade 8s
Amir Battye – six grade 9s and 3 grade 8s
David Allen, Christian Kuligowski and Eliza Clapcott – five grade 9s and three grade 8s
Bobbie Brimelow, Piers Ellis and Conal McCafferty – grade 8s and 9s across all subjects

 Best progress:
Cyrus Gerrard Hewitt – 3 grades above targets across all subjects
Zerbu Demir, Fred Haines and Julian Shwani – 2 grades above targets across all subjects

GCSE Results Day

 Acland Burghley students are celebrating their amazing achievements at GCSE this year. Many are choosing to move to LaSWAP sixth form. From left to right: Eliza Clapcott, Vincent Stevenson, Nicholas John (Headteacher), Zerbu Demir and Bobbie Brimelow.