Y11 French/Spanish GCSE Speaking mock exams

  • Monday 15 January all day with Ms Jacob:  (option C)
  • Monday 15 January all day with Ms Miguel: (option B)
  • Tuesday 16 January all day with Ms Williams:  (option D)
  • Tuesday 16 January periods 1 and 2 with Ms Miguel: (option B)
  • Tuesday 16 January periods 3, 4 and 5 with Mr Deacon: (option B)  
  • Wednesday 17 January periods 3, 4 and 5 with Ms Harper: (option C)
  • Wednesday 17 January all day with Ms James: (option A)

This is our second speaking practice under exam conditions that will take place on one of the following dates at the back of the library: Monday 15 January, Tuesday 16 January and Wednesday 17 January.

Your child’s teacher will have given him/her the time of the assessment in lesson time. It should also have been recorded in the student’s planner. Your child needs to arrive a couple of minutes before their time to ensure the smooth running of the day and to be in the right mindset.

We will not reschedule the assessment if your child misses it unless there is a valid reason.

Students (Foundation and Higher) have 12 minutes preparation at the back of the library with an invigilator to prepare for a role-play and a photocard before entering the exam room.

The test will last between 7-9 minutes at Foundation level and 10-12 minutes at Higher level. As well as the role play, a photocard, students will have a conversation on topics from theme 1 and most of theme 2. These include: Me, my family and friends / Technology in everyday life / Free time activities / Customs and festivals / Local area / Social issues / Global issues.

Students have prepared their answers to those conversation questions in their speaking folder and need to memorise them. They are expected to be fully ready on the day of their test. You could support your child by asking him/her the questions in French/Spanish. You could also ask him/her to translate back in French/Spanish to test their understanding and/or students could record themselves and listen to their answers to help them with the learning.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. 

Ms Katty Jacob
Head of Languages