Dual Linguist fast track programme

We are offering keen linguists in the new Y9 the chance to study a second modern foreign language (either French or Spanish) alongside the language currently being studied from September 2022.

If they choose to do this, they will have the chance to opt to study both languages at GCSE, with a view possibly to studying modern languages at A Level and beyond.  

A letter has been given to students who are recommended to consider this option.

Please discuss it with your son/daughter. If they are interested, please complete the slip for them to hand in to Ms Jacob in MFL by the end of school on Wednesday 6 July (or confirm by email). If you have not received a letter, but are still interested, then please feel free to get in touch.

A meeting for those who are interested in hearing more will be held at 5.30-6pm at school on Thursday 7 July.

Katty Jacob
Head of Faculty, Modern Foreign Languages