Celebrating Mathematical Excellence: UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge Results

We're thrilled to share the outstanding achievements of our students in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge! This year, our young mathematicians have once again demonstrated their remarkable talent and dedication.

The challenge, organized by the UK Mathematics Trust, saw participants from across the nation showcasing their problem-solving skills and mathematical prowess. We're proud to announce that 30 students received a bronze certificate, 28 received a silver certificate & 19 received a gold certificate for their exceptional performance.

Moreover, we're excited to highlight the achievements of some exceptional students:

Arthur Blyznyuchenko, of Y10, has qualified for the Hamiltonian Mathematical Olympiad follow-on round.

Congratulations to Jacob S, Thomas R, Leoni D, George S, and Levi H of Y11, who qualified for the Pink Kangaroo follow-on round.

We'd like to extend our congratulations to Hal A, Mikey H, Daniel M, and Nathan L-P of  Y10, who also qualified for the Pink Kangaroo follow-on round.

Further congratulations to Keir R, Connor S-W, Ava F and Alex C of Y9, who qualified for the Grey Kangaroo follow-on round.

Participating in such competitions not only fosters a love for mathematics but also develops crucial skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning, essential for future academic and professional success.

Congratulations to all participants for their hard work and dedication! Let's continue to support and inspire our young mathematicians as they explore their potential and strive for excellence.

Kind regards,

Robel Kibreab
Teacher of Mathematics