Camden T Level Curriculum 2024/25
Student Awareness Raising Event

Tuesday 23 January 2024 3.30-4.30pm
Online and in Media Lab 2

Venue: Open to any Camden secondary student online and in-person for those students who attend Acland Burghley School, Haverstock School and Maria Fidelis Catholic School.

Agenda for the session

  1. Introduction to the Camden approach (Stephen Hall, CEO of Camden Learning, will set out the collaborative Camden approach to T Levels for 2024/25 and looking forward to 2025/26 - 5 mins).
  2. Why T levels and what are they? (Katrina Cotton, Camden’s partner from the Education and Training Foundation, will provide an overview of T Levels for 10 minutes).
  3. The Camden T Level offer for 2024/25. Each of the three schools will explain their T Level offer for September 2024, setting out the subject, the teaching and learning approach, the industry placement and how to apply (15 mins for each school).

Schools running order and subjects:

1. Acland Burghley School – Media, Broadcast & Production

2. Haverstock School – Business & Administration

3. Maria Fidelis Catholic School – Laboratory Science

  1. Close. Brief conclusion by Stephen Hall. We will follow up with all schools by sending them a contact at each of the three schools.

With best wishes, 

Oliver Rosen  
Head of Computing, Media and Social Science Faculty