COVID-19: New guidance Tuesday 17 March

Yesterday the government altered its advice to families around self-isolation. Households where one person is self-isolating because they are experiencing symptoms (high temperature of 38-39C or new, persistent, dry cough) should now all take the decision to self-isolate for 14 days. The 14 days begin on the day the first person in the household displayed symptoms.

It is clearly only a matter of time before a more general shut down will take effect. Until that moment, we will be remaining open in order to support families to make their own arrangements, and to continue children’s education.

We will inform you when that ceases to be viable.

At the moment, we are open as usual, and families should send their children into school unless they meet the criteria for self-isolation outlined above. Where families have made the decision not to send their child into school for a COVID-19 related reason, they should phone the absence line to report it as such, and it will be coded accordingly (neither authorised nor unauthorised – just not supposed to be at school).

We are working on our plans for using Show My Homework for online provision. Every family is asked to check that it has access to this vital resource.