Congratulations to all our Y7 Language classes who each prepared a song for our European Day of Languages celebrations last half term. They were recorded for the voting stage (and for posterity!)

The French entries were

  • 7xFr 1 Ms James ‘Le lion est mort ce soir’
  • 7xFr2 Ms Harper ‘Le même sang’
  • 7xFr3 Ms Miguel  ‘Promenons-nous dans les bois’

The Spanish entries

  • 7ySp1 Ms Miguel ‘El Mariachi’
  • 7ySp2 Ms Harper ‘La Cucaracha’
  • 7ySp3 Ms Collins ‘La Macarena’
  • 7y Sp4 Ms Williams ‘Soy una taza’

The French Y7 students watched and voted on the Spanish entries and the Spanish Y7 students watched and voted on the French entries.

The finalists were 7xFr2 Ms Harper ‘Le même sang’ and 7ySp3 Ms Collins ‘La Macarena’

Mr John was then given the deciding vote and he chose 7ySp3 with La Macarena.

Enhorabuena to 7ySP3. They will be getting popcorn and a film to celebrate this half term.


Bethan Williams
Second in charge of Languages