A Hall for All fundraising launch

On Thursday 25 April, stars from Outnumbered, Friday Night Dinner and Top Boy joined student performers and presenters to kick off the Hall for All fundraising drive. The Hall for All is an ambitious initiative to restore the standalone Brutalist hall as an arts space for community use.

See the short video from the evening below, as well as some of the fantastic feedback from the people who attended.


I am writing this both to thank and to congratulate all those involved with last night’s event at the school which makes me glad to be a neighbour. Anyone who didn’t come missed a remarkable evening  the students’ performances  music, singing, interviewing and presenting outshone the professional actors and musicians who also took part.

I am not connected to the school in any way and had not stepped onto the premises of the current secondary school till last night for the “Hall for All” fundraising evening. I had bought 4 tickets as a neighbourly gesture with no expectations 
 we took 2 Italian guests who had just arrived  their first experience of London  and I was so proud to see how impressed they also were and how much they enjoyed the evening.

The event was one of a series aiming to raise the £300,000 needed in order to release over a million in lottery funding so that the Hex (the hexagonal hall) can be restored and made into a community resource. So do check out the website to see, and perhaps suggest more fundraising ideas.


Wow what a fantastic event it was last Thursday. It just felt right, so passionate, positive, fun and had the school really shine! How you got hold of all those famous folk... with no relation to the school is amazing.


I thought last night was brilliant. So well thought out and clever and such a lovely sense of togetherness. 


Been meaning to say how much I enjoyed the Hall for All evening. It was tremendous! I imagine it raised lots of money… It was such a unique evening with a wonderful eclectic mixture of performances celebrating community and the hall. I felt lucky to be part of it.


Everyone I have spoken to has absolutely raved about it.  


A brilliant event!! I’m sure the enthusiasm, energy and love will convert into £££s!! 


Well done! What a triumph.

A Hall for All – find out more