Interim provision for home learning - 23 March to 3 April 2020

The period between now and the Easter holidays is going feel very strange for everybody. Y11 and Y13 students need time and space to recover from what will have felt like a great shock last week. Senior staff will be in touch about their assessments as soon as they know more. All students, all families, and all staff will need time and space to think about how they are going to adapt to the situation - which may extend for a long time.

Some families and students will be eager to get on with home learning immediately. We strongly encourage those who are well and not busy supporting their families in other ways to start the process of thinking about how they can continue their school work.

The immediate answer, for the 2 weeks in the run-up to the Easter holidays, will be to look at the tasks on the school website and on Show My Homework. The reality is that these will not all yet be broken down into manageable chunks, so it would be wise to be selective at first. We also understand that there are limitations to computer and internet access in most homes.

Over time, as the school starts to settle into a remote way of learning, we will come up with accessible, logical and realistic programmes of study for students in each year group. Families will receive a week by week overview with tasks which can be ticked off over time, so that there is a sense of satisfaction for students, families and teachers alike.

It is obvious, but we cannot emphasise it enough: reading widely is probably the best thing a student can be doing during this time, and quality time should be set aside for reading each day. If you need something to read, please contact so suitable books can be sent or brought to you.