Film and Media Studies

Having a really good understanding of history, literature, psychology, sciences is very, very important to actually being able to make movies.

George Lucas


To provide a balanced and broad curriculum with a range of thought-provoking, interesting media texts from a range of time periods, cultures and political perspectives, which prompt discussion and debate and develop skills of analysis and a critical theoretical perspective. The intent of the curriculum involves creating an environment that confidently encourages application of industry skills in different mediums is key to enable young people to express their views in a creative and purposeful way. We wish to offer learners the opportunity to pursue texts, to motivate and inspire them to view these texts through a critical lens in terms of what meaning is created and how it is constructed. It is our aim that learners develop an understanding of the key theoretical approaches, theories, issues and debates within the subject, enabling them to question and critically explore aspects of the media that may seem familiar and straightforward from their existing experience.

Building on this, learners will also extend their engagement with the media to the less familiar, including products from different historical periods and global settings, those produced outside the commercial mainstream and those aimed at or produced by minority groups, providing rich and stimulating opportunities for interpretation and analysis.

Media Studies offers challenging opportunities for a modern world and personal development within it. The curriculum will encourage learners to become confident and independent thinkers, who will be able to take on challenging opportunities to both explore and make media products thus creating original work and critically analysing set works. Learners will have an appreciation of their own work and that of others as they pursue their own media interests and develop their practical skills. With a curriculum that provides breadth and depth, learners will study topics such as newspapers, video games, film marketing, music videos, TV drama and more. Learners will have the opportunity for enrichment and extension through our industry led partnerships. Media Studies is a truly contemporary subject which is relevant to all our lives. The media saturates everything we do in the developed world in the 21st Century. We will challenge pupils to think intellectually about a range of issues and study the impact of changing forms of communication from the past and present – and the possibilities for the future

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Film and Media Studies is first studied at KS4.

Curriculum Intent and Map

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Medium Term Plan

Y11 Autumn term

Completion of first draft of Screenplay displaying generic conventions appropriate to the genre while showing a mastery of storytelling devices through command of technical and visual codes. These include lighting, sound, camerawork and editing techniques. Learners will evaluate the work produced and accompany the screenplay with a minute worth of shooting script.

Y11 Spring term

Completion of US film comparative study with a clear focus on social and historical context reflected in the 1950s Invasion of the Bodynatchers and 1980s E.T. Consideration will be given to key sequences, genre and narrative perspectives while exploring how two texts can explore the same theme in different ways for desired effects.

Critical perspectives to the independent film Juno will be assessed to gage if different viewpoints on the same film deepen our understanding of it. Key sequences and events will be studied in relation to differing reviews encouraging development of the students' own perspectives of this independent comedy.                 

Y11 Summer term

Revision of all texts for both global and US development of film in preparation for the exam in June.

GCSE Subject Specification 

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Extra-curricular activities and clubs

Wednesday after school 3.30-4.30 Film Making working shops KS3/KS4

Thursday after school 3.15-4.15 Essay writing study space support  

London Film School 6-week course in the Summer Term