Library and curriculum support

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.

Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Library! A quiet reading and study space central to supporting the school across the curriculum. The library at Acland Burghley is a beautiful space designed with students in mind. It has designated spaces for reading and study. With a comprehensive collection of fiction and non-fiction, revision materials, e-readers and audio books.

Whether you enjoy Graphic Novels, Manga, Adventure, Horror, Thrillers, Mystery and Suspense, Myths and Legends or facts and figures you will find it all here so come on in and explore!

Librarian and Curriculum Support Team Manager

Malak Mouqtadir | 

Library opening times

Monday-Wednesday 8am-7pm

Thursday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturdays 9am-1pm

Accessing Accelerated Reader

Here's a direct link to our site, for Accelerated Reader: 

And then click: 'I am a Student'.

Students in Y7 and Y8 are currently using this software within lessons and have their log in details. However, if this info has been lost, please feel free to contact the Librarian and Curriculum Support Team Manager, Ms Mouqtadir via email at 

Or students can visit the library from 8am to 5pm.

Accessing Sora (E-Resource: Fiction and Non-Fiction)

We have purchased a brilliant new resource for our school's community. You can access Sora, as noted below.

Please only use your allocated Office 365 school email and password to access your account, after clicking the links:

(1) To access the direct Acland Burghley School page for Sora, please use this link:

(2) ​To access Sora from the main page (not using our schools' link):

To access our page, please type to search and select: 'Acland Burghley School'. Then sign in with your Office 365 email address and password.

Using the Library

Each time you enter the library you need to sign in and let us know how you will be using the space. The library is divided into sections to make it easier for students to work together. When you sign in you will need to place a tick in the on the sign-in sheet indicating how you will be using the library. There are five different areas to choose from:

  • Independent silent study: a desk area for two students per table to work alone or in a pair.
  • Silent Reading: a sofa area, for making yourself comfortable with your favourite book.
  • Individual workstations: a silent study for using the computers for one student only.
  • Group workstations: a quiet study place for working in pairs.
  • Games area: a small floor seated area, with low tables for card and board games.

Library Expectations

There are some rules that you must adhere to when working in the library:

  • This is a quiet study space so whispering only.
  • No food allowed in the library.
  • Only water allowed, not by the computers.
  • Computers are for work only.
  • Move calmly and slowly around the library.
  • Follow the notices and instructions given by the librarian and staff in the library.

What types of books are in the library?

On the shelves

Fiction: books which contain made-up stories
Non-Fiction: books based on facts
Reference: books which cannot be taken out of the library.
Revision Materials: key stage three, GCSE and A-level books for study in the library

On the back wall

Accelerated reader books: part of our reading programme.
Picture books: if you like, Tom Gates, Captain Underpants or the World of Norm.
Manga: Look here if you’re an Anime fan
Diaries: Dork diaries, Adrian Mole, Diary of a Wimpy Kid,.
Graphic Novels: your favourite novels in pictures.
Comics: Marvel, DC, Simpsons, Calvin and Hobbes, TinTin, it’s all here.
Myths and Legends: Greek Gods, Egyptians, folklore and the Romans.