School Closure from Monday 23 March 2020 until further notice

‘Core provision’ and the ‘Extraordinary Roll’

We are mindful of our duty to support social distancing measures, while at the same time playing our part in the wider community effort. We therefore remain open to offer a ‘core provision’ for the children of key workers, and those with additional needs, placed on our ‘extraordinary roll’.

Martha Collins, Deputy Headteacher, has overall responsibility for the Extraordinary Roll. Her email address is

Aaron Shufflebotham, Director of Learning for the Curriculum is responsible for the Core Provision in school. His email address is

‘Core provision’ in school

We currently anticipate that we will be running 4 classes for our ‘extraordinary roll’. Classes and activities will run for Key Stage 3 higher and foundation groups, and Key Stage 4 higher and foundation groups. This is likely to change as the crisis develops and different needs emerge.

Please find the programme for the fortnight from Monday 23 March to Friday 3 April here.

Please find the programme for the Easter holidays published here.

The programme for Monday 20 April to Friday 22 May can be found here.

The programme for Monday 1 June to 5 June can be found here.

Our ‘extraordinary roll’

All families are asked to respect the need for ‘social distancing’. As a result, we are asking most children to stay at home with their families during the period of the Coronavirus closure.  

We have already drawn up an ‘extraordinary roll’ of students we feel need a place in our core provision based on our knowledge of families and students’ additional needs.

Other parents and carers will also need their child to be in school as part of the core provision because of their essential job role.

Please would these families contact the school as soon as possible with an email to Martha Collins at, putting the words “Extraordinary Roll” in the title.

Please just state simply that you are requesting a place for your child to attend school during the period of closure because of the nature of your job role. Please do also put any questions about this in an email.  

We will review the roll in the Easter break, and then again at the start of next term.