Year 9

Every individual has a talent.
Every individual has the ability to achieve excellence.

However, one of the keys to success is choice. For each choice we make there is an outcome, and with the right choices each individual can achieve above and beyond expectations. This is especially important this academic year as Y9 students will choose the subjects that they wish to take at GCSE level.

The Y9 team have high expectations of all students and we expect students to have high expectations of themselves and to always strive to do the best in all that they do. The Y9 team and I are dedicated to ensure that all pupils within the year group meet these high standards in order to be the best that they can be.

As a year group, we have three unique numbers that are important to our success, these are: 1, 98, and 100:

To follow an instruction first time

The minimum required attendance

Effort in all that we do

My priority is to ensure all Y9 students enjoy both the academic and extracurricular aspects of their life at Acland Burghley School. I want students to achieve more than what is 'required' from them in their studies and make excellent progress across all of their subjects.

As a year group I believe it is important to go above and beyond and want to encourage students in Y9 to follow the ethos:

Demonstrate courage, behave with integrity and live happy lives

I believe this ethos is important to maximise attainment and also for students to learn skills beyond the classroom and to become emotionally intelligent, caring, thoughtful, successful young people.

In my role as Year Team Leader for Y9 I am well supported by a team of excellent tutors who should be your first point of contact with the school if you need information or to discuss anything regarding your child. However, for other issues you can also contact myself, Ms Faux (Student Progress Leader for Y9), and Ms Parkin (Director of Learning - KS3) if you need further assistance. For subject specific queries and information it is always best to contact the subject teacher directly as they will be best placed to assist you.

The Y9 students are at an exciting and pivotal time in their education where they will get to select subjects that they wish to take at GCSE. They will receive information and guidance on further education and careers to help them to decide which subjects they should choose. It is imperative each student works hard in all their lessons and follows the year group's unique numbers and ethos so that they make progress in all areas giving them the freedom to select whichever subjects that they want to do.

I am proud to be the Year Team Leader for this year group and with your help and support, I believe this year group can make excellent achievements going forward. I look forward to working with you over the coming years.

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