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“History is, strictly speaking, the study of questions; the study of answers belongs to anthropology and sociology.” W H Auden 

Sociology is a relevant and contemporary subject that develops students’ understanding of themselves and the society that they live in. Sociology is a social science like Psychology, Economics and Politics. These are popular subjects which are often over-subscribed at university and they make students highly employable in the world of work. Sociologists work in areas such as education, social policy, law, media, private enterprise and the research industries. In Y10 and Y11 students learn about:

  • The Sociological approach
  • Education in modern Britain
  • The role and function of the modern family
  • Social inequality in modern Britain
  • The causes and effects of criminal and deviant behaviour
  • Sociological research methods

These topics will give them the background to how human beings have their behaviour shaped and influenced by the major institutions of modern Britain. In class they  will develop a sociological imagination which will enable them to analyse social issues and problems. They will develop a formal academic style of writing and improve their thinking and reading skills. They will also develop a deep understanding of different theoretical perspectives of our society and how to carry out social science research projects. Sociology is also offered at KS5, for more information about KS5 provision please visit the LaSWAP website.