Year 8

Welcome Back Y8!

We hope you have had a fantastic summer and return to school rested and ready for the year ahead.

We have high expectations of all students in Y8: we expect students to attend school every day, treat each other with respect and work hard to achieve the best that they can.

This year our focus is on maintaining these high expectations, building resilience and taking responsibility for our actions. We want students to be successful and resilient learners and we hope to develop student’ self-motivation by providing students with a wide range of learning opportunities inside and outside of lessons. We aim to make Y8 another exciting and enriching year for students and there will be a range of extra-curricular clubs, activities and trips to make this happen - we encourage all students to get involved with as many of these as possible.

It is important that students continue to develop as independent learners, one of the ways this will be achieved is through independent learning and home work. The Library is open until 5.30 pm every day and is a great space to research and study.

We have a new Student Progress Leader for Y8 – Mr Osinlaru, who many students know already. Mr Osinlaru has previously worked with Y10 and this year he will be working with Y8 students to support excellent progress, attendance and behaviour. The first contact for students and parents continues to be students’ form tutors. Other key staff include Ms Parkin (Director of Learning for KS3) and Nicola O’Donnell (Head of Additional Educational Needs).

I’m really looking forward to another successful year!

Ms Collins
Year Team Leader

Year Team Leader

Elizabeth Collins 

Student Progress Leader

Sean Osinlaru


Aaron Yeung

Asli Ozatinc

Eleanor Peters

Farhatul Islam

Lawrence Deacon

Liam Davis

Sundus Mohamoud

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