Year 10

Attend Belong Succeed

Y10 raises ambition and enables high achievement through developing independent learners. To attend in Y10 means more than striving for 100% attendance in school. 

A Y10 student will contribute to their successes by engaging in and out of class. All opportunities in Y10 are focused to sustain and build development of independent learners. Therefore, to attend in Y10 means participating in; an extended curriculum; workshops/master classes; sporting activities; leadership development; subject specific sessions and residential activities.
To belong in Y10 means taking responsibility for and contributing to the local community.  A Y10 student recognises their place within the local community and, as such, understands their role within in it. Beyond local involvement lies an understanding of a national context and how we fit in it as individuals. A global vision is encouraged in Y10 allowing us to build ambition, make sense of the world and find a place within it.
To succeed in Y10 is about having an ambition for the future with a clear plan and an understanding of how to make it a reality. This takes building an awareness of different pathways and the success criteria within each subject unit about how to achieve.  Coupled with this is the notion that wellbeing, both mental and physical, underpins all our successes.
Our mission as a year group is to foster highly achieving, successful, independent learners that develop the transferable skills needed to manage the challenges of the changing world. The expertise of the Y10 team contributes to all of the above and are available for support should you so require it.  Please feel free to email or call through to any of the team with any queries.

Mr Corcoran
Year Team Leader

Year Team Leader

Andrew Corcoran

Student Progress Leader

Christina Louka


Chris Georgiou

Jonathan Holt

Lisa Oteng

Charlie Robinson

Katie Wynne

How to be successful
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