Good business is the best art.

Andy Warhol

In Business we offer a whole range of opportunities designed to enable students to enhance their skills and immerse themselves in the discovery of business and enterprise related issues. The department has strong business links that are rooted within the curriculum.

Head of Department

Johnny Andreas  |


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Business is first studied at GCSE level. Over the last year students have been able to listen to a wide range of business speakers including marketing experts, accountants, business development managers from Google and ex-students who have launched their own businesses.

This year, a group of business students attended an Enterprise project run by Arsenal Football club. At KS4, pupils have their first opportunity to pursue discreet specialist business courses. Business Studies in KS4 is a popular subject choice. Students study the excellent AQA GCSE Business course. Our main aim through this curriculum is to equip students with the skills needed to progress into employment, self- employment, further training and higher education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.
Students experiences and achievements at KS4 provide an excellent platform for further study and achievement at KS5. In the Sixth Form, the curriculum continues to offer breadth in the range of courses available. We offer the AQA AS and A2 Business Studies. Curriculum enhancement opportunities continue to be a prominent feature of the business related curriculum at KS5 where students have the opportunity to develop their own business plan. A large percentage of our students progress to university.

Students can enjoy a whole range of curriculum enhancement opportunities as part of their KS4 and KS5 experience, opportunities that are monitored and co-ordinated by specialist teachers.


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