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Open Evening

Our open evening will be on Wednesday 1 October from 6pm - 8pm.


You do not need to register, just come along and meet us!


If you have any enquiries regarding transition at Acland Burghley please email


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Friday 26 September is an INSET day. The school will be closed to students.


Early Close

School will finish early for students on Wednesday 1 October in preparation for our Open Evening.
Students in Years 10-13 will be dismissed at 1.15pm
Students in Years 7-9 will be dismissed at 2.15pm
Lunch will still be available from the canteen for all students.



Incident outside school Friday 19 September


On Friday 19 September, we were informed by police that there had been an assault in the area on two young persons by a group of young people. None of these people were reported to attend Acland Burghley School.


Following police advice, we kept year 11 students in school at lunchtime on Friday, and directed years 12 and 13 away from the crime scene to enable officers to conduct their investigation.


Students were very co-operative and staff presence outside and around the school was increased to maintain calm and provide additional supervision.


Keeping students safe and calm continues to be a key priority on our journey to becoming an outstanding school.


Anna Peduzzi

Associate Headteacher



Welcome to Acland Burghley


Our vision

Acland Burghley’s diverse, inclusive and truly comprehensive community will be recognised across London as a centre for excellence in learning, where all students are supported and challenged to engage creatively, collaboratively and rigorously to fulfil high ambitions for themselves and for the school.

Acland Burghley students will have the qualifications, skills, resilience and insight to meet the demands of working, family and community life, and the empathy, confidence and will to work with others to achieve a better future.

Learning to Succeed Together
We are proud to be a true comprehensive and value every one of our students as the individuals they are. Our diverse and inclusive community sustains a stimulating, rich and harmonious learning environment. We work
together to seek out and develop individual talent, aiming for outstanding achievement from everyone. We have our sights set on excellence and know it is within the grasp of all.

We are completely committed to sustained progress in learning across a broad curriculum. High‐quality specialist teaching inspires our students and motivates them for independent learning; extensive expert support secures
access for all; and the diverse and challenging curriculum and extra‐curricular programme extends the boundaries of students’ experience.

As an arts specialist school, we champion creativity as a stimulating route to personal development, self‐confidence and success. We build students’ ability to think creatively, express themselves effectively, find their personal
passions and engage with the world around them. Our students confront new ideas through confident exploration and create diverse, personal and discerning responses. They become expert learners and teachers.

We are preparing our students to lead successful, happy and fulfilled lives and to recognise the mutual benefits and obligations that stem from being part of a community. They learn to stand up for what matters. Our high
expectations for collaboration, respect and personal responsibility lead to strong and positive relationships. Excellent standards of behaviour flow from a shared understanding between staff, students and parents of the right way to behave in a learning community.

All students participate fully, building their confidence, enjoyment and capacity for leadership. Their unique contributions sustain Acland Burghley as a vibrant, forward‐looking and innovative community.