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Message from Governors


Governors wish to congratulate students and staff on their successes in GCSE and A Level.  We are particularly delighted that there has been a good and improved outcome at GCSE with 60% achieving 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths, and with impressive achievement in other key subjects.  Nationally there are fears that changed assessment processes will bring more variability in results. The hard work of staff, students and parents has helped Acland Burghley to respond effectively to these changes.   These are difficult times for all schools facing challenges from Government.  Last year we also had the considerable disruption of the building works.  That is now largely behind us.  We look forward to the new school term when students and staff will be able to enjoy the extensively refurbished learning environment and new Sixth Form Centre.  Governors are working closely with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that the progress made over the past year is sustained and enhanced.


Dr John Clark

Chair of Governors



Acland Burghley students shine at GCSE with bright futures ahead


Students, staff and governors at Acland Burghley are celebrating following a positive increase in attainment at GCSE.   Students enjoyed strong success with 60% achieving the academic passport of 5+ A*-C GCSE grades including English and Maths.


Students achieved strongly in science subjects including a notable 44% of GCSE Physics grades at A*/A.  Many subjects produced impressive results including English Literature, Media, History, Spanish, Music and Drama.


There are some individual students who are to be congratulated on their outstanding results including Ezra Glasstone who achieved 12 A*/A grades, Mohammed Shadid secured 11 A*/A grades and Thomas Midgley and Ralph Rusconi who both scooped 10 A*/A grades.


Multilingual students enjoyed a 100% pass rate in heritage languages, and a special mention for Year 11 student, Thomas Midgley, who achieved an A* in Japanese A level last week.


Executive Headteacher, Susan Higgins said, “We are delighted with the improvements in attainment at GCSE, which bucked Ofqual’s warning of significant variation in this year’s national GCSE results.  I would like to congratulate all of our students on their successes and staff for their hard work and dedication.”


Dr John Clark, Chair of Governors said, “The improvements in GCSE attainment are a testament to the hard work of students and staff and we wish our students well in their next phase of studies.  We look forward to welcoming many back in September to enjoy our brand new Sixth Form Centre.”



Students flourish in key Sixth Form subjects


14 August 2014 – Acland Burghley School has much to celebrate following the release of its A and AS level results, with some exceptional individual successes and course results. Acland Burghley has witnessed 100% of its students studying English Language and Literature and Applied Business (double award) achieve the higher grades of A*-C or equivalent. There have also been numerous successes across a wide range of departments at Acland Burghley, with 93% of its students studying Chemistry attaining an A* to C grade; over 80% of students studying English Literature, History, Business, Art and Design, Dance, Performing Arts and Applied Art (double award) also secured a coveted A* to C grade.


Outstanding individual performances from determined and gifted students secured places at universities across the UK.  This year we have an unprecedented number of students going onto Sussex University with whom we have a partnership under their First Generation Scholars scheme.  These students are following a wide range of degree programmes including Biology, Medical Science and Theoretical Physics through to American Studies and International Business.


English has proved to be a very popular choice of subject with 8 students taking up literature based degree courses at top universities such as Leeds, Sussex, UEA, Reading and Goldsmiths.


Tolani Ajayi attained a string of A grades in History, Philosophy and Psychology and has secured a place at the University of Birmingham to study Law, with the ambition of becoming a Lawyer.


Amber Hanrahan showed great personal courage and resolve during her sixth form, contending with considerable disadvantages to achieve her A grades in Drama and Sociology and a B grade in Art.  Amber will now go on to study Psychology at Sussex University.


Fathiya Saleh has shown herself to be remarkably talented achieving A* in Sociology, A in Psychology and C in English Literature.  Fathiya is also going on to study Psychology at Queen Mary University.


As well as outstanding successes in academic courses Acland Burghley students have also achieved extremely well in their applied and vocational courses.


Lucas Warren was another top achiever at Acland Burghley School following success at both A Level and BTEC. Lucas will attend the University of Gloucestershire to study Film Production after attaining an impressive Distinction and Distinction* in BTEC Media. His great results continue across the board in A level Photography (grade A), and AS French. Lucas also achieved an A* for his Extended Project for which he wrote, directed and produced an exceptional short film.


Sue Higgins, Executive Headteacher, commented, “Our young people continue to surprise and amaze us as they strive towards their goals. I would like to thank staff for their continued commitment and hard work and I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to students and their families as we see them graduate from Acland Burghley and move on to further education and the world of work. We wish them every success in the future.”


We wish all our Year 13 students continuing success in all their future pathways.  For more information about the school or today’s results, please contact Maurice Quirke, Director of Sixth Form, on 020 7485 8515 (ext 275) or via email at


New school year

Wednesday 3 September - Year 7 start at 8.30am
                                            Years 8-11 start at 2pm


Welcome to Acland Burghley


Our vision

Acland Burghley’s diverse, inclusive and truly comprehensive community will be recognised across London as a centre for excellence in learning, where all students are supported and challenged to engage creatively, collaboratively and rigorously to fulfil high ambitions for themselves and for the school.

Acland Burghley students will have the qualifications, skills, resilience and insight to meet the demands of working, family and community life, and the empathy, confidence and will to work with others to achieve a better future.

Learning to Succeed Together
We are proud to be a true comprehensive and value every one of our students as the individuals they are. Our diverse and inclusive community sustains a stimulating, rich and harmonious learning environment. We work
together to seek out and develop individual talent, aiming for outstanding achievement from everyone. We have our sights set on excellence and know it is within the grasp of all.

We are completely committed to sustained progress in learning across a broad curriculum. High‐quality specialist teaching inspires our students and motivates them for independent learning; extensive expert support secures
access for all; and the diverse and challenging curriculum and extra‐curricular programme extends the boundaries of students’ experience.

As an arts specialist school, we champion creativity as a stimulating route to personal development, self‐confidence and success. We build students’ ability to think creatively, express themselves effectively, find their personal
passions and engage with the world around them. Our students confront new ideas through confident exploration and create diverse, personal and discerning responses. They become expert learners and teachers.

We are preparing our students to lead successful, happy and fulfilled lives and to recognise the mutual benefits and obligations that stem from being part of a community. They learn to stand up for what matters. Our high
expectations for collaboration, respect and personal responsibility lead to strong and positive relationships. Excellent standards of behaviour flow from a shared understanding between staff, students and parents of the right way to behave in a learning community.

All students participate fully, building their confidence, enjoyment and capacity for leadership. Their unique contributions sustain Acland Burghley as a vibrant, forward‐looking and innovative community.