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Year 11

Together Everyone Achieves More

This year

Y11 is the most crucial yet the shortest year for our students studying towards their GCSEs. It is indeed a very exciting year for your child as they complete their final assessments, sit mock exams and start applying for college. There will be guidance around applying for LaSWAP and other colleges. Once your child achieves the required grades for their chosen course, they are guaranteed a place at LaSWAP.

I am pleased to say that we have a very strong pastoral team around Y11. Please remember to contact your child’s form tutor should you have any queries or concerns. I would urge you to make a note of all the key dates including parents evening on the Thursday 23 November where I look forward to meeting many parents.

Attendance has never been more important with less than seven months of lessons, it is imperative that your child has excellent attendance.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and am extremely confident that together we will be celebrating your child’s success on results day.

Syed Ali
Year Team Leader

Revision Programme

Day                  Subject
Tuesday           Maths
Wednesday      Science
Thursday         English

How to Revise

Y11 key dates

Date                                 Event

16 November 2017                                  LaSWAP open evening (ABS)
23 November 2017                                  Y11 parents evening
4 December – 15 December 2017            Mock exams (all subjects)
12 February – 16 February 2018             Half term revision
March 2018 (TBC)                                   Core subject mocks: English, Maths and Science
3 April – 13 April 2018                            Easter revision
Monday 14 May 2018                              GCSE written exams begin
28 May – 1 June 2018                              May Half term revision
Friday 22 June 2018                                 GCSE written exams end
Thursday 23 August 2018                       GCSE results day and LaSWAP enrolment

Year Team Leader
Syed Ali

Student Progress Leader
Christina Louka

Gwen Frye

Dixie McLean
Mete Redif
Lana Robinson
Katie Smith
Bethan Williams
Ian Wilkinson