Acland Burghley

Acland Burghley

Webinars for Y11 Physics and Y12/Y13 Biology Revision

Webinars for Y11 Physics and Y12/Y13 Biology Revision

Y11 Half Term Webinar  (Wednesday 15 February, 1.30 pm):  

Medical Applications of Physics (P3.1)

Y12 Half Term Webinar (Wednesday 15 February, 3.30 pm):
Gas Exchange Systems – Part 1

Y13 Half Term Webinar (Wednesday 15 February, 5.30 pm):
The Biochemistry of Respiration

Y12 Half Term Webinar (Thursday 16 February, 1.30 pm):
Gas Exchange Systems – Part 2

​I'll be uploading the links (to the YouTube page and google drive) for each webinar to ShowMyHomework one week prior to the scheduled start time of each webinar, to allow students to prepare and do the homework task for each session.

The objective of this series of webinars is to review the subject content of the Y11 Physics and Y12/Y13 Biology courses over a series of interactive online revision lessons. Students will access a number of resources (such as PowerPoints used in the webinar, notes and worked examples, and a homework task composed of past exam questions) prior to the scheduled webinar, and log into the youtube page at the date and time given to interact with other students and myself in the 'virtual classroom'.

Students interact live via a chat box on the YouTube page (students must log into Youtube using their google or YouTube username and password), to allow them to ask questions, interact with myself and other students, and to respond to questions asked the class in real time.  

The YouTube pages for these webinars are unlisted - access is only given to staff and students with the link, and the videos cannot be found by other internet users via google or youtube searches. Parental consent has been secured for all attendees. ​

The schedule is constructed to allow enough time and sessions to cover all necessary content and assess student progression and provide feedback. Registers will also be taken at the start of all online webinars. Recordings of each live webinar will be available via the same youtube link permanently for use in student revision.

Last week a test webinar was conducted with my Y13 Biologists on the subject of Photosynthesis - if you would like to get an idea of the format and nature of these webinars, you can view the recording of this webinar (and access the resources on the google drive) at the links below:

Mr Ahmed
Science teacher