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“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”
Ludwig Van Beethoven 

The Music Department here at Acland Burghley school is a vibrant place to be. With a wide range of instrumental teachers, provided by Camden music service, we offer tuition on most instruments and a number of extra-curricular activities. These include Brass Ensemble, KS3 choir, String Ensemble, School of Rock, Classical guitar Ensemble and the percussion group. In the classroom our curriculum is designed to combine the essential musical skills of composing, performing and listening. This is delivered using an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres, ranging from Baroque to Brit pop! With the use of our Mac suite our pupils get to become familiar with industry standard music technology software from as early as Y7. We have a very healthy uptake into KS4 and had outstanding results for GCSE Music in 2016. The use of KS3 curriculum and our instrumental teachers ensures that pupils are well equipped for GCSE once they embark on the course. As part of the LaSWAP consortium we have a number of concerts throughout the year in which we collaborate with our neighbouring schools, resulting in some fantastic performances. We provide many opportunities for the students to perform throughout the year. The confidence inspired by such occasions is reflected in the fantastic progress of our instrumentalists both in class and in individual lessons.

Head of Music: Jay Rowe

Eleanor Peters-Savva: