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Y7 Paper Kilometre Challenge

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Y11 Maths Revision Classes

If you would like any further maths support, please do pop up to see your teachers and any time to arrange a time.


“The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.” Charles Caleb Colton

Mathematical thinking is one of the most important tools for use at work, in managing finance and for personal decision making. Mathematics provides the tools for understanding science, engineering, technology and economics. It equips pupils with powerful ways to describe, analyse and change the world. It is creative and exploratory as seen in Geometry and Algebra.

It is expressive and informative as seen in Numbers and Statistics. Here at Acland Burghley we engage pupils in using the breadth of the mathematical key processes through functional, traditional and problem solving tasks from KS3 through to KS5.

Head of Department: Dixie McLean


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What will my child be learning in Y7?

What will my child be learning in Y8?

What will my child be learning in Y9?

Please note that the above curriculum for Y9 only runs until 5 June 2015. See below for Y10 curriculum commencing 8 June 2015.

What will my child be learning in Y10?

What will my child be learning in Y11?

Filing Cabinet Topic Booklets

Here are each of the topic booklets found in G1B. Use your own list of topics, the grade you are working towards or the numbers listed on the exam papers to decide which topic to work on. Remember you can revise a topic on Corbett maths first.

6 and above
4 and 5
1 and 2